Thursday, July 16, 2009

{ Gals meet boy doll }

So here he is nice & {stuffed}
My Son Alec is very pleased with him, I kinda missed a step when I was putting him together so let's just say it was a challenge to put him together. He took a bit longer than other one I made. All in all I'm pleased with the boy!
My son said something funny when I was putting him together he said "Mom he kinda looks like Michael Jackson huh?"
no disrespect but I kinda chuckled and said , yeah. Now what would give him that idea?

here's the link to the doll if you want to make your own- I got it off the Martha Stewart site . you can download the pattern & instructions. I must say it's pretty easy to make.....warning it's a 'girl pattern' I had to alter mine for a boy (wink) with cow lick & all. Oh yeah & we added chuck's on his feet.

Here's a picture of cousins in the works... sorry but I can't seem to flip this picture. I don't have it saved this way, don't know why it downloaded like this???

So here's some buttons I picked up this weekend at the Santa Cruz Flea market! love that place, been going there since I was a little girl~
aren't they beautiful! I love vintage buttons- and the lady had them on a string! how sweet

that's not all the nice lady had- look at this .... I got a bag full of thread, Vintage & mostly Coats & Clark.....
ahhh my heart skips a beat , love, love & love.

I've had this darling Japanese fabric {bambi print} and I couldn't wait to put it to use, so I made Betty Lou a skirt out of it- it's not the best thing I've sewn this week but I love the way she looks in her fairy tale dress & matching headband,,,,,,,, isn't she a doll :P

He loves me............. He Loves me not........He loves me....................

better get going my stinky computer keeps freezing up on me & my butt is numb from sitting here almost 2 hours (it's taken me) to post!
see ya all soon

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  1. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I do rather like Romantic Homes mag but as I haven't received one for ages, I guess my subscription must have run out. Quite a lot more pricey for us Brits, unfortunately. Loving your finds and the boy-doll is cute. Am still laughing at the Michael Jackson comment!
    Hen x


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