Monday, December 14, 2009

keeping it short

I'm actually going to abide by the title of keeping this post short & sweet. I feel like such a lagggger this month. I can't hardly believe it's December 14th already where did this month go! I guess it went a little something like this:

1. x-mas shopping
2. baking and more baking
3. school performances
4. school secret Santa exchange, hurry mom I need a gift
5. Work
6. pick up Son from work at 1:30am
7. hurry run home to cook dinner
8. hurry up get up we're late for school & work

and the list can go on and on and on, but you got it, hope your list isn't as long as mine this Holiday season, hope I get to come back one more time before x-mas but i wouldn't hold my breath! (hey what happened to keeping it short) Hoping your hearts are filled with joy and your hands are warm whatever you celebrate this holiday Season!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

here's how I spent my weekend, and some

So I thought this weekend was going to be different, maybe catch up on some sleep, put up some curtains in my bedroom, (maybe make some new ones for the laundry/mud room) ....with that new fabric I got with my birthday money...ummmm ( not! )boy weekends fly. Instead I went thrifting a bit and got some great x-mas stuff and my parents came over to visit on Sunday and there it is in a nutshell my weekend! back to work tomorrow. I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year, so you can imagine all the baking and cooking I'll be doing- Not complaining I love to cook.

OK so I have to show you this picture frame with a beautiful doll in it my dad brought me today, isn't it adorable! it's definitely vintage- how old? I don't know. it's got a crack on the frame but I still love it! he said when he saw it he knew I would too! I certainly do! Thanks daddy!

I don't know if you can tell but the glass on this frame domes, it's a lovely find. Now I know where I get my love for thrifting and old.
I got these Chinese ornaments while I was thrifting- they are small and so adorable- I don't know exactly who these caricatures are or what they represent- I do recognize angels but I found them irresistible and for a buck who could resist- right?
Aw aren't the little elves cute!
Thank you, Thank you very much- as Elvis would say....... don't they resemble the King? hey maybe they're suppose to be wise men, who knows.
And the cherubs so cute standing there next to that sad little man.
well, I'll have to show you the rest of my x-mas stuff later after I scrub it all down.
But if I don't you all have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving- enjoy
huggs, swankygal

Friday, November 6, 2009

giveaway at sweet jessie's!!!!!!!!!

OK- so I've been following sweet Jessie's blog for quiet sometime now and yesterday I noticed that she blogged about getting this amazing book in the mail, one that she had pre-ordered a few months back. It looks pretty good, I want one now(along with so many other books coming out soon!) she has generously offered to giveaway a copy of the book to one lucky reader who leaves a comment describing their favorite something ,,,,could be anything. I have so many favorites but of course I needed to narrow it down to my really really favorite thing which is antique shopping (or browsing) on a Sunday afternoon with my Andy, alone without the kiddos.

So go on head on over to sweet jessie's and tell her about your favorite something!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy day in November!

well it looks like I didn't make it back in October. The move is all over, we are settling nicely in our new home. Don't ask me if I'm un-packed yet, the house looks like a bomb crash landed here! but really I'm super glad that everything is here now and I don't have to go back in forth between 2 homes. Oh and the unpacking is so much fun, it's like getting early Christmas presents, so much stuff that I love but haven't seen in over 1 year!
more pics to come soon. Just wanted to stop by and say Happy day in November.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

{Autumn is definately here}

Is it an understatement or what? I love how the weathers changed it's crisp in the evenings and cold in the mornings (LOVE IT) I think that autumn has got to be my most favorite time of the year!!! so any way it's been a while , how have you been? I've been extremely busy with [LIFE] got one? ok so you know ! Thank you :)
so many things have happened that have put me in a place to not find time for me to ramble on and on. Well all I have to say is that Halloween is near and I'm so excited because soon I'll be moving into a bigger place where I can unpack finally!!! after 2 years and start baking and doing all those nice things all of do before and during the holidays. So grab your cup of coffee or tea and check out what I've been up to!

I pulled out this apron I made a few years back using Alexander Henry fabric, love that vintage halloween look it has.

I made these flowers to make it girly!! I really love the way the whole thing came out, now I just wish i'd find the gal that made it.... she hasn't created anything in a while!

I guess you can't count the day I pulled out some scrapbooking supplies to play around!

and check these string lights put, I got these at Target for $2.50 they were white skulls. I painted them to resemble the sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead).
i'm really pleased with the way they are coming along.

got these goodies at the hospital gift shop, couldn't resist. I can't have enough halloween decorations, can you?
besides they go nicely with my collection.

I'll be back really soon to show you more halloween stuff!! hopefully before the move at the end of the month! enjoy this magical month and stay warm wherever you may be!
huggs, swankygal

Friday, August 14, 2009

{ blogger's block}

Hi there ! so much has happened since I last posted,,,,wow I don't know where to begin , not sure if I should start where it ended last but I'll just start by saying that I'm so glad this week is over! what a week it was the boys went back to school and you can only imagine what comes with that! tons of homework, last minute (clothes shopping) & not to mention that endless list that the teacher sends on their first day of class that only has about 100 gadgets & supplies they are going to need for the school yr!
enough of that I don't want to tire your nice & relaxed brain with all nonsense, but really I feel bad for not posting lately because this is what I love to do but don't get as much- so I won't talk much cause it's late but I'll show you what I've been up to um-k?

well not sure if I had mentioned but I recently bought some patterns here and I have not had the pleasure to start on this one but I did attempt the pear & I love the results, you should try it, it's really totally easy to make and Heather makes it even easier to follow with simple easy to read instructions!

of course it couldn't end there! I'm still making stuff here's another doll. On a few posts back I failed to give credit where credit is greatly due! I mentioned that the dolls I've been making came from a free pattern download off the Martha Stewart site, but what I failed to say was that these are not Martha's dolls but none other than another talented lady {inside a black apple} you need to check out her blog if you have not already, so so talented! she was a guest on the Martha show & her free doll pattern was featured on the Martha site.

by the way you can't tell I love her dolls right? this one is for my other niece Jackie, 2 down, uhh how much more to go??
don't know if I ever mentioned but I have this thing for aqua or green or red for my kitchen
when I moved into this place where I'm at now my mommy surprised me with this beautiful green depression glass bowl, crazy I know to have it out on display with 4 boys!
isn't the color just lovely?
that adorable little salt shaker , got that for $1- not sure if it's vintage but I don't care love the color

these are vintage Pyrex in fabulous condition!

and last the buttons, got these 20 for a buck! there must have been a bizillion of them in a large box, when I was going thru them my hands got dirty, they felt rough.....crazy
this is what they looked like when they got home after a nice warm soapy bath.
well this is all for now. Not going thrifting tomorrow, but I'm not heart broken because my first born turns 20 & we're spending the entire day here

hope you all have a wonderful weekend....with the ones you love ....doing whatever it may be
hasta luego!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

{ Gals meet boy doll }

So here he is nice & {stuffed}
My Son Alec is very pleased with him, I kinda missed a step when I was putting him together so let's just say it was a challenge to put him together. He took a bit longer than other one I made. All in all I'm pleased with the boy!
My son said something funny when I was putting him together he said "Mom he kinda looks like Michael Jackson huh?"
no disrespect but I kinda chuckled and said , yeah. Now what would give him that idea?

here's the link to the doll if you want to make your own- I got it off the Martha Stewart site . you can download the pattern & instructions. I must say it's pretty easy to make.....warning it's a 'girl pattern' I had to alter mine for a boy (wink) with cow lick & all. Oh yeah & we added chuck's on his feet.

Here's a picture of cousins in the works... sorry but I can't seem to flip this picture. I don't have it saved this way, don't know why it downloaded like this???

So here's some buttons I picked up this weekend at the Santa Cruz Flea market! love that place, been going there since I was a little girl~
aren't they beautiful! I love vintage buttons- and the lady had them on a string! how sweet

that's not all the nice lady had- look at this .... I got a bag full of thread, Vintage & mostly Coats & Clark.....
ahhh my heart skips a beat , love, love & love.

I've had this darling Japanese fabric {bambi print} and I couldn't wait to put it to use, so I made Betty Lou a skirt out of it- it's not the best thing I've sewn this week but I love the way she looks in her fairy tale dress & matching headband,,,,,,,, isn't she a doll :P

He loves me............. He Loves me not........He loves me....................

better get going my stinky computer keeps freezing up on me & my butt is numb from sitting here almost 2 hours (it's taken me) to post!
see ya all soon

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Dollies!

So I've been really busy around here sewing & thrifting. I made this dollie for my niece {1 of 5} so it looks as if I'll be tied up for the rest of my summer.... I 'm not complaining though I love to sew. What I really miss is scrap booking. All my supplies have been packed for a little over 1 year so therefore I don't really scrap much anymore. I can't wait to move and unpack all my goodies, boy I bet I'm going to feel like a 5 yr old on x-mas morning! heehee

she was so cute!! I finished her up in one day & she didn't even get to spend the night here with Miss Betty Lou. My niece & god-daughter Davina came over to visit that afternoon so she got to take her home. I really like the color of her hair. It was the only "girlie" color of felt I had on hand- but overall I really like her cheery colors perfect for Davina! I only have one problem My youngest Son Alec & Davina's little brother Daniel now want a "boy" doll. ....let's just say they're in the works.

A few Saturday's back I went to the Farmer's Market and got some yummy fruit & Flowers. These cherries were not only pretty but sweet.

and these sweet pea flowers smelled like heaven. I love this scent!

Isn't this little guy adorable!!! I picked him up last week during my lunch hour thrift finds. You know it's funny how much you can do in one hour! I know it's vintage but I'm not sure what exactly he was used for. Maybe a planter or some sort of holder because he's got the opening in the nose?? who knows. I have him perched on my kitchen window sill & he makes me smile when I'm doing the dishes. I've nick named him 'Roary'
I love him and for $1- I love him even more. I collect vintage planters like these I have about 10 already and I never pay more than a few bucks for them. I also have a large collection of Lady head vases. I'll have to show you them in a later post.

{Bambi} came home with me too along with other stuff.....

Well I don't know about you but I love the way brand new flip flops feel on my feet..
every summer I get a new pair(s) this year I got the lightest shade of pink. I love these from old navy and they were only 2 pairs for $5- about 2 mos ago. I wear them every where, they even feel better when you take your kids to the park to play & your sitting on the park bench with a good book.......ahhh summer, it's gotta be the best time of the year- next to x-mas.

I leave you with a long post & Miss Betty Lou, she has some flowers for you!
I named her after the {beautiful} late Ms. Betty Page & Lou is for Lucy Arnaz, cause well 'I love Lucy' & she's a red head!
hope you've enjoyed my babbles & such.
I'll be back soon to show you more of my lucky finds....oh yeah and the boy dolls.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

who's that girl!

here she is all dolled up ( no pun intended) LOL!
I can't believe she's finally home, isn't she cute!
I couldn't wait to get my very first blythe doll and of course I had to make her a new dress. I whipped it out in about 20 minutes so it's not so perfect, but looks great on her.

and it wouldn't be complete without the flower in her hair.........

well that's all for today , I've been thinking about naming her but haven't decided, she looks like a cherry, Betsy or perhaps Lucy? don't know yet , maybe it'll come to me in a dream, I'm about ready to hit the sack! very long day today at work and I'm so tired. Promise to show you a piece that I finished embroidering on Sunday, I just have to put it together. {hint: SeƱorita}

goodnight, goodbye

Friday, June 19, 2009

today was a good day.........

hello there! I'm so happy because just look what I got in the mail today! I just love getting stuff in the mail , don't you? I bought these Japanese deco tapes on etsy aren't they not the cutest things you've ever seen. I know I'm silly ...the kid in me hasn't left me. Can't blame me for being the only girl in my family. In a home full of boys, you can't help but buy "girly things" and surround yourself with colorful, fun, cute & vintage of course, things!
well speaking of cute, I haven't showed you the pics of my pillow coverings I made last week . They are suppose to be on my couch, but I can't get enough of them so they ended up on my bed and haven't left!!! hahaha.....Here check em out, watcha think? cute huh? I made them from 2 different fabrics. The front side is Heather Bailey's "pop garden bijoux"

and this back side is from Anna Maria Horner's Garden party collection ...oh yeah and to finish off I made (ties) the blue bows from scraps given to me when I ordered bundles of AMH " good folks line". These talented ladies have created such beautiful fabrics!! I can't seem to get enough of it!

Check out this cute little guy, picked him up on my lunch hour at my favorite thrift shop for $1 , he didn't have his mate but oh well, he sure is cute.

I also picked up this zipper & spools for .25 cents, needless to say It was a good day......
oh better go now. It's a bit nippy here about 50 degrees and my honey is calling me to come sit by him so we can cuddle and watch a movie, he's got my coffee ready. So much for summer huh? last week I was drinking cold stuff today it's hot stuff. Have a great weekend see you next week!.. oh yeah next week remind me to show you my Blythe doll!
yes you heard right, my hubby bought me a Blythe doll, should arrive tomorrow, can't wait....
arrghh it's going to be a long night.

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