Friday, February 19, 2010

I think i've taken more than I can handle......

SO I picked up this little beauty at a local thrift shop for dirt cheap but it had this horrible dark stain job. I've sanded it down smooth- getting it ready for paint and I'll tell you I think I'm really crazy over my head on this project.  I've seen pieces like this in antique stores all nice & painted and they go for anywhere from $250-$300 ! (next time) I'll pay that. It's so much work
It's a 2 piece project

I think it's pretty cool looking - not sure how old it is but it sure is sturdy enough to house all my sewing supplies. As of these pics it's already primed all white and ready for paint 
hopefully it will look great once it's done. too bad for me it's suppose to rain all weekend long :( as for color? I was thinking the nicest shade of seafoam green, what do you think?
any ideas of what type of paint to use? 

well aside from taking more projects than I can handle we got a new puppy in January
Isn't he adorable!!! his name is chowder,,, he sure is keeping us ALL busy. He's brought so much joy to our home I can't hardly stand the sight of him .....I always want to hold & SQUEEZE him he's so darn cute!

and look what else I've been busy doing, baking (my second love) 
so tell me, I've missed you; what have you been up to?

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