Sunday, November 22, 2009

here's how I spent my weekend, and some

So I thought this weekend was going to be different, maybe catch up on some sleep, put up some curtains in my bedroom, (maybe make some new ones for the laundry/mud room) ....with that new fabric I got with my birthday money...ummmm ( not! )boy weekends fly. Instead I went thrifting a bit and got some great x-mas stuff and my parents came over to visit on Sunday and there it is in a nutshell my weekend! back to work tomorrow. I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year, so you can imagine all the baking and cooking I'll be doing- Not complaining I love to cook.

OK so I have to show you this picture frame with a beautiful doll in it my dad brought me today, isn't it adorable! it's definitely vintage- how old? I don't know. it's got a crack on the frame but I still love it! he said when he saw it he knew I would too! I certainly do! Thanks daddy!

I don't know if you can tell but the glass on this frame domes, it's a lovely find. Now I know where I get my love for thrifting and old.
I got these Chinese ornaments while I was thrifting- they are small and so adorable- I don't know exactly who these caricatures are or what they represent- I do recognize angels but I found them irresistible and for a buck who could resist- right?
Aw aren't the little elves cute!
Thank you, Thank you very much- as Elvis would say....... don't they resemble the King? hey maybe they're suppose to be wise men, who knows.
And the cherubs so cute standing there next to that sad little man.
well, I'll have to show you the rest of my x-mas stuff later after I scrub it all down.
But if I don't you all have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving- enjoy
huggs, swankygal

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