Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calling all thrifting friends

Hello Ladies: I need your help please I recently acquired this beauty Singer model 348 after hunting one down for a little over a year and now that it's here there is so much more it has to offer than just sitting here at home looking pretty!
I need an owners manual for it, after spending a few hours googling and surfing e-bay for one I got a headache. If anyone has information or an extra manual laying around (wishful thinkin) please let me know, this gal is willing to pay for it, or we can trade a child...just kidding. Seriously I can't wait to start sewing! I was able to wind up a spool easily, the motor seems strong but when I thread it and attempt to sew it bunches up and fabric gets eaten from the drop in bobbin area! ugghhhh!! so frustrating . Maybe I'm not threading it right so I must have patience.

Please excuse that top pic of my kitchen table I swear you could usually eat off of it, just not this day! hahaha
oh yeah here's my sewing basket semi-filled

and this little beauty was a freebie pattern from this lovely gal

it was so much fun stitching. It's actually completed but I'll have to show you tomorrow or the next day, my little sis surprised me today all the way from Miami - very nice surprise. We have a fun filled weekend planned that includes sewing & thrifting!
May you have a wonderful weekend whatever you do, until next time

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  1. did you get the manual? have you googled? My sewing machine repair man is a sewing machine geek and he says there are forums on both sides of the atlantic for these kind of things! it is a VERY beautiful machine! t.x


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