Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back

Hello, sorry I've been missing, but I've been busy, so I have to show you everything I got this weekend!, My oldest son Andrew had Prom so we had to drive him 3 1/2 hours away, so of course this means mom & dad get a little bit of thrift shopping! so here's what I got....
It's a sewing basket..... yay! I loved it as soon as I seen it, & of course it was the last antique store we hit before heading home( hubby's favorite store!) thanks baby!
it was a bit dirty, but in great condition- it's missing the cord or string that goes through the holes on the lid through the bottom of the basket
yup those are transfers or decals on there and this in the inside is a little red tomato pincushion, how darling! this lovely birdie tray at only .65 cents who could resist
and a bunch of vintage patterns for children.25 cents each!!!! yay
oh yeah and the trip would not be complete without me stopping by my favorite fabric store that i sew dearly miss.... picked up a few yards of this lovely print so that I can make a table cloth for my tiny 50's kitchen table, more pics to come later, Thank you for coming along , until we meet again,
huggs~ swankygal

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