Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back ......

Hi there, I know I've been gone for a while! sorry, I've been so busy with my little boys playing baseball I've been really busy. This week is the last week of school so things should get better. First I wanna show you a pic of my kokeshi doll I embroidered (last post) I love the way it turned out I think I'm going to use it as a quilt square for one of my nieces who knows??? I started a new one called SeƱorita, I found this one here, I love it so I'm giving it a try. Embroidery is so relaxing. I remember doing this when I was a child, but had forgot this beautiful art form and with so many nice patterns out there these days it bought the fun back in it.

Oh I olmost forgot to mention these cool vintage looking bubbles I bought for my "youngins" they do work just like they say! big shiny bubbles

when I'm not our blowing bubbles we're inside playing with paint!! they love to get messy
these are my old business cards from work with our old address, instead of throwing them out the kids & I painted them and we'll make tags out of them or use them on cards....oh speaking of cards check out my moms card I made below .

Here's the front side:

do you like it? my sisters too sweet she always tells me "Hallmark ain't got nothing on you!" she thinks I should be selling these... I thinks she's nuts but i still love her very much.

I better get going now I here my little ones calling me that want to be tucked in!!!, I promise I'll be back soon, hopefully this week, but you know in between end of the year field trips, my little nephews graduation (pre-school) ooohhh I just want to squeeze him he's so cute!
and pizza party to celebrate end of season baseball...and on and on... yikes! I have a busy week but I'm dying to show you what I got this weekend at 3 killer garage sales all for $6.50. my husband said I scored!, I'd say he's right.
be back soon....
yours truly,

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!I am your number one fan!!!You are so talented...and yes I am going to tell you again HALMARK AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON YOU!!! Think about it this can be your million dollar idea, the one you need to act never know you can be the next Martha Stewart!! love you


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