Tuesday, June 23, 2009

who's that girl!

here she is all dolled up ( no pun intended) LOL!
I can't believe she's finally home, isn't she cute!
I couldn't wait to get my very first blythe doll and of course I had to make her a new dress. I whipped it out in about 20 minutes so it's not so perfect, but looks great on her.

and it wouldn't be complete without the flower in her hair.........

well that's all for today , I've been thinking about naming her but haven't decided, she looks like a cherry, Betsy or perhaps Lucy? don't know yet , maybe it'll come to me in a dream, I'm about ready to hit the sack! very long day today at work and I'm so tired. Promise to show you a piece that I finished embroidering on Sunday, I just have to put it together. {hint: SeƱorita}

goodnight, goodbye

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