Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yard sales & krylon oh my!

OK, so here's what I was talking about in my last post , the yards sale finds. I got this creamer & Johnson Bros. tea cup & saucer. I love the browns aren't they beauties!
And this little mouse was so darn cute , the lady that sold her to me said it belonged to her grandma and she really didn't want to part with it. this is the way it looked before I tossed out the old rusty needles & (Scissors Yikes! haven't had a tetanus shot in a loooong time)

and here's the after!

Last but not least is the American bisque cookie jar ! I was excited to find this so cute!!
It's a teapot but it's missing the lid :( maybe one day in my thrifty finds I'll run into one.
these jars here are recycled jalapeƱo, relish & pickle jars- my darling husband painted the lids for me. I use them to store all my goodies. Love that teal turquoise color!

Well that's all for now, please come back again soon!, the children finished school on Friday, baseball season for them also came to an end :( and the days are getting longer and not to mention warmer- (can't believe Summer's here!!! so I should have a lot more time on my hands to post .
Speaking of summer:::::I 'm so thirsty I'm going to go and have some mango tea mmmm with lots of ice! or maybe an Arnold Palmer or perhaps a fizzy lizzy??? what do you like to drink when it's hot?

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